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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

How does UReport support events and activities?

UReport is trained dozens of specific events, allowing for professional-quality storytelling and reporting for a wide array of coverage.

Is UReport easy to use for those who are not tech-savvy?

Yes, UReport prides itself on its user-friendly platform, offering intuitive and customized input screens for each activity, making navigation and control straightforward.

How can UReport aid in fundraising?

UReport can be a direct fundraising tool, supported by local sponsors. Teams, clubs, and organizations retain 100% of this funding, and we provide guidance on how to capitalize on these opportunities.

What are the user permissions within UReport?

UReport offers three clearly defined user permissions: Write/Edit for creating stories, Approve for reviewing content, and Publish for sharing the stories publicly.

Can UReport content be shared on social media?

Definitely, UReport allows for instant formatting and branded articles that are ready to share via your social media channels or via email, expanding your reach.

What sets UReport apart from free AI tools?

UReport stands out by offering a tailored experience for each event or activity, superior security, user-friendly design, and professional editing proofing and approval stages.

Can UReport help improve our organization's marketing and outreach?

Absolutely, UReport excels in enhancing the marketing, branding, and image of every individual team, club, and organization by providing tools for high-quality content creation.

Does UReport offer any security features?

Security is a top priority for UReport, with top-tier security protocols at all levels, including user controls and approval processes before publishing to prevent exposure to risks.

Does UReport offer free trials?

Yes, UReport offers free trials to allow users to experience the platform firsthand and see how it can transform the storytelling process for their organization.

Will the Ureport content and stories integrate into my current website and platform?

Yes, UReport has been developed to seamlessly integrate into all websites. With the clipboard function which is part of each published story, users can copy the UReport content into their websites. The content will automatically format to the users preferences including fonts, colors, photo locations etc.